It all began one snowy day in Gina's kitchen....

Gina O'Brien started cooking at the age of 6 while watching her Mother and Father prepare meals at their family restaurant, Parillo's Armory Grill.


Gina has always had a love for fine cuisine and her Mother and Father have taught her how to be creative in the kitchen by using only the freshest ingredients. Gina knew someday she would be a chef in a kitchen of her own. Having a love for health and fitness, Gina decided to turn her passion into a small Eatery located in Amsterdam, NY.


Evolve Eatery offers smart choices for both breakfast and lunch. Stop in and say hello and see why Evolve Eatery will soon be your goto restaurant for fresh food on the run. Who knows.. maybe someday you will see an Evolve Eatery on street corners across the globe. It's that good!


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since 2019​

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